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Welcome to the Realfoodology podcast! Courtney Swan is an Integrative Nutritionist living in LA on a mission to change the way we eat in America. Each week she’ll be talking to doctors, food experts and health professionals to bring you the best info so you can thrive. Somewhere along the way, we lost sight of how powerful our food choices are. But it’s never too late to start. You’d be so surprised how resilient our bodies are when we start taking care of them. Let’s get back to real food!

Heal Thy Self with Dr. G

A show based on empowerment. Empowerment of you, the viewer such that you can be your highest self on every level. Through knowledge we will be giving you the information you need to make informed decisions. We lead you to water, you deep dive in.

The Dr. Tyna Show

The truth is hard to find and so are people who actually speak it. On The Dr. Tyna Show the goal is to bring you the truth as Dr. Tyna knows it and to always have you leave with a new pearl of health wisdom to expand your knowledge base. They can try to take away our medical liberties, but they can’t take away our knowledge. When you are empowered, you can do better for yourself, your family and your community. Resilience is the name of the game as we embark on human wellness 2.0.

Digest This

Bethany Cameron, Cookbook Author, Recipe Developer, and founder of popular Instagram page @lilsipper, is the host of the Digest This podcast. Digest This digs deep on topics such as gut health, nutrition, gives light to the food industry, and highlights specific ingredients you either should or should not be taking for your health. The podcast also dives into non-toxic beauty, home and cooking essentials, mental health, finances and everything in between. If it has to do with your health, she’s talking about it.

The Holistic Savage Podcast

The Holistic Savage Podcast aims to explore concepts and ideologies related to health, wellness, and eudaimonic self-actualization. Our core areas of focus include: Functional Medicine, Functional Spirituality, Functional Psychology, and Functional Fitness. Episodes feature leading experts in various related fields.

Evolving Wellness

Sarah Kleiner Wellness challenges preconceived notions about modern health + wellness by breaking down scientific research into digestible, actionable actionable information to help people live genuinely healthy lives. We dive deep into circadian health, quantum health, hormone health, nutrition, and more.

Ask The Dentist

Each episode addresses a reader’s dental issue through the lens of Dr. B’s root cause and evidence-based approach to dental health and dentistry. Dr. Burhenne is a functional dentist and bestselling author whose website is visited by millions of readers each year.

Dogs are Individuals

The Dogs are Individuals Podcast believes that when you see your dog as an individual, you can choose plants, food and dietary supplements that fit your dog’s INDIVIDUAL ecosystem. Listen for ramblings and guidance from an Herbalist whose life has gone to the dogs.

Go to Sleep Bitch!

Feel like your brain is a chaotic mess and your bed is a battleground? Have trouble conquering those sleep demons when depression is dragging you down? Join Go to Sleep Bitch podcast host, Fitzgerald, and face these nightly struggles head-on with a mix of humor, empathy, and practical advice. The Go to Sleep Bitch podcast offers a path through the agony of sleepless nights, one-step-at-a-time, to help you kickstart your own nightly sleep ritual and covers everything from crafting the perfect sleep environment to embracing the power of self-care. Join the sleep revolution: grab your blanket, fluff those pillows, and get ready for a better tomorrow.

Meat Mafia

The Meat Mafia Podcast is hosted by @MeatMafiaBrett and @MeatMafiaHarry with the mission of addressing fundamental problems in our food and healthcare system. Our concerns with our healthcare system can be drawn back to issues in our food system as far back as soil health. Our principles are simple: eat real foods, buy locally, and cook your own meals. When you listen to our podcast, you will hear stories and conversations from people working on the fringes of the food and healthcare system to address the major crises overshadowing modern society: how do we become healthy again?

Healing The Source

The Healing The Source Podcast is hosted by Claudia Gilani, a holistic health practitioner, herbalist, CEO, and creator whose mission is to empower individuals to take control of their own health and wellness. Through her extensive knowledge and personal experience, Claudia delves deep into the root causes of dis-ease, and offers practical solutions to help listeners heal and live a vibrant life. In each episode, Claudia shares her own journey with healing and invites guests who are exemplary models of alternative health to share their stories and insights. From the latest research in holistic medicine to the benefits of ancient healing practices, this podcast offers a wealth of information and inspiration for anyone looking to improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

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